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More Veg For Less Wedge. To Preserve Your Pocket..

Two Course 18.85

Served 12pm - 6pm Wednesday - Sunday


Deep Fried Sweetcorn Cakes (v / ng) - Topped with avocado, and chilli chelly jelly, served with jalapeno
corn cream and a gazpacho salad of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, finished with rocket, a splash of
fresh and zesty oregano coriander and lime mojo.
Seared Oyster Mushroom Scallop (v) - Steeped in beefy tea, served with a fresh pea cream barley
orzotto and lemon cream, finished with Roscoff pickled onion, fennel oil, fresh peppery watercress.
KareKatsu Smoked Tofu (v / ng) - Deep fried and basted with teriyaki, topped with sweet potato katsu,
crispy seaweed, smashed cucumber, crispy onions, and rice puffs served with a sesame ginger dressed salad of
carrot and khol rabi, tangy edamame, wasabi cashew yuzu pesto.


Terry Berry Brûlée (v / ng) - Lemon verbena scented crème brulée served with fresh and tisane-soaked strawberries,
lavender shorty and lumpy bumpy ice berries.
Churros (v) - Cinnamon sugar spice dusted doughnut straws served with vodka cherries, warm chocolate and
salt caramel dunk. Finished with extra brute cocoa powder.
Sorbets (v / ngc) - Our house-made sorbets garnished with a matching sweet something. Please ask your
server what we are showcasing today.