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Dear friends,

Since the day we first opened our doors, twenty-seven years ago, you have all embraced Terre a Terre with such kindness, generosity and have supported us through thick and thin, and we have appreciated every single one of you, every single day. We have taken nothing for granted, not a single customer nor any member of our unique, remarkable, treasured team.

We are thankful to you all, and forever grateful. We haven’t always got things right but we’ve had a jolly good go, and loved every second of our journey. We know, however, that we have to get this next bit right as so much depends upon it.

So, based on the unequivocal advice from our astonishingly heroic NHS professionals and experts, urging us to stay home and socially distance, in order to protect our loved ones and our wider community, it is with very heavy hearts that for now we will be CLOSING OUR DOORS and hanging up our aprons. We will all hunker down, staying safe and when it’s safe for us to do so, we hope to welcome you all back, shake all your hands and start feeding you all again.

We look forward to that day.

With love and all best wishes from us all.

Reviews: 5 star Hardens BEST UK RESTAURANTS 2017 - 'Still the best vegetarian restaurant in Britain even after so many years!' - 'this unfailing lanes icon as ever attracts a huge volume of commentary.... dishes are unique, creative - look fantastic and taste amazing, and deliver a spectacular array of flavours, incorporating so many different aspects of texture and smell' rating food.
A A Gill - Sunday Times ( Oct 2010)...... It is singularly and eccentrically marvellous...