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We have a team of pastry chefs that love all things sweet and delicious from our handmade sweets and biccies to our divine puddings. For key dates in your or your loved ones lives why not enjoy one of our Celebration Cakes - fabulous cakes that deliver on every level.

Please see below for our range of cakes, shapes and sizes. We require at least 7 days notice, but please try to order as early as possible as we limit the amount of cakes we can make each day due to restaurant service, we wouldn't want you to miss out on having one! We only make the cakes listed below as they are tried and tested delicious recipes.

Please call 01273 729051 to order a cake to enjoy in the restaurant or take home.

Option 1: Chocolate Grand Marnier

Chocolate sponge loaded with a rich bitter chocolate ganache, fresh mixed berries and Grand Marnier. A bitter chocolate berry cake with a wicked boozy kick.

Can be vegan, gluten free or alcohol free - please request when ordering

Option 2: Genoise vanilla 

Genoise vanilla and Cointreau sponge, fresh fruit and fresh cream. Fresh fluffy vanilla sponge cake with hint of orange liquor, smothered in whipped cream and loaded with berries.

Can be gluten free or alcohol free (not vegan) - please request when ordering

Round Cakes - (optional chocolate cigarillo curls finish - not vegan)

Small: 4 portion  (with chocolate curls) £30  (without chocolate curls) £25

Medium: 8-10 portion (with chocolate curl) £50 (without chocolate curls) £45

Large: 12-14 portion (with chocolate curl) £65 (without chocolate curls) £60

Large Square/ Round Cakes: Big Party Cakes 

Small: 20 portion:  9" x 9" cake with curls  £110

Large: 40 portion: 11" x 11" cake with curls  £160

Wedding Partnership Cakes: Squared Tiered Cakes 

Small: 60 portion:  11" x 11" two tier cake with curls  £310

Large: 80 portion: 11" x 11" three tier cake with curls  £380

FOOD ALLERGY ALERT Management advises that food prepared here and drinks may contain some of these ingredients: Wheat and Gluten, Nuts, Peanuts, Mustard, Soya, Sesame, Lupin, Celery, Garlic, Onion, Eggs, Milk, Alcohol, Sulphites, Sulphur Dioxide.

Please inform us of any allergies before ordering. Our team have full ingredients lists for every dish and will assist with any enquiry you may have. Every effort is made to accommodate guests with food intolerances and allergies however with an open kitchen we are unable to guarantee that dishes other than (v/vo) will be completely allergen-free.