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Financial Times Jan 2023
Worlds Best Vegan Restaurants
Founded 30 years ago by two classically trained chefs, Terre à Terre has gone from a tiny vegetarian hotspot to one of Brighton’s most sought-after restaurants. Today almost all of the menu is vegan; this is the place for croquettes, frits and fried cauliflower.

Michelin Guide 2021 - Awarded Michelin Plate: Good Cooking
Relaxed, friendly restaurant decorated in warm burgundy colours. Appealing menu of generous, tasty, original vegetarian dishes which include items from Japan, China and South America. Mini épicerie sells wine, pasta and chutney.

Harden's Certificate of Achievement 2021.  Diner survey "Outstanding Quality"
The food at Terre a terre is a game changer and the restaurant takes its cooking seriously, both in the kitchen and out.  Globetrotting chefs bring ideas back to Brighton to experiment with, and waiting staff have an encyclopedic knowledge of the menu, so don't hold back asking what, exactly zhuganoush, salsifed turtle bean or nori tapioca are.  Take your time ordering - it's well worth getting to know the menu, not least so you can order fast when you return (and you will).  Want to try a bit of everything?  Share the popular Terre a Tapas, which is a selection of plates from across the menu.  The sheer orginality of flavours makes dining here an experience, and it sets the bar incredibly high for not only vegetarian food, but vegan too, almost every dish can be made vegan, and some of the best ones already are.  In 2010 the late, great writer AA Gill called Terre a Terre "probably the best vegetarian restaurant in Britain".  Nine years on, we think he was probably right.  Conde Nast - March 2019

Hardens #UK Top Scorer 2019 diner survey.

Terre a Terre continues to be the vanguard of vegetarian restaurants in Brighton, achieving first place in the BRAVO Plant Champions 2019 category for the second year.  A Pioneer in the trend for plant based dining, Terre a Terre continues to amaze even the most die-hard carnivore with their creative finesse.

Meat - free eating has become much more mainstream since this vegetarian and vegan trailblazer opened in the early 1990s. Multi-faceted, globally inspired constructions come out of the kitchen - The Good Food Guide UK 2019

This year Terre a Terre celebrates 25 years as one of the leading modern vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the country.  In that time it has been named best vegetarian restaurant and won plaudits for it's ethical approach to sourcing ingredients and minimising food waste.  If that all sounds a bit worthy, then be reassured that this spacious, contemporary diner also serves playful dishes such as "KFC" - Korean Fried Cauliflower with soused shiso, daikon and pickled mirin ginger jelly. - Andy Lynes 2018 - The Times - Britains 20 Best Vegetarian Restaurants.

Green giant Terre a Terre has a well established name for itself in delivering inventive and exciting plant based cuisine.  Popular to herbivores and whateveravores alike, you were over this one like it was the first time you ordered the Terre a Tapas. BRAVO 2018 AWARDS PLANT CHAMPION WINNER- Restaurants Brighton.

Terre à Terre 'For more than two decades, Terre à Terre has been one of the country’s leading modern vegetarian restaurants. The large, contemporary dining room attracts regulars like Jonathan Ross, who come for bizarrely named but always delicious dishes such as chimchimney soufflé and sooty tops (pastry wrapped blue cheese soufflé with a potato cake) and the selection of signature potato rosti's. In good weather, ask for a table in the rear courtyard.' - Andy Lynes Independent  2017

'Still the best vegetarian restaurant in Britain even after so many years!' - 'this unfailing lanes icon as ever attracts a huge volume of commentary.... dishes are unique, creative - look fantastic and taste amazing, and deliver a spectacular array of flavours, incorporating so many different aspects of texture and smell' rating food - 5 star Hardens BEST UK RESTAURANTS 2017

Terre à Terre: Indulgent, exciting and still challenging perceptions.

Terre à Terre have been challenging common perceptions of vegetarian cuisine since 1993 winning numerous accolades along the way. They have been at the forefront of vegetarian cuisine for the past twenty years and show no signs of slowing down. With that in mind I had very high expectations as I walked into the restaurant on a sunny Wednesday evening.... - Tom Flint . September 2016 

Restaurants Brighton 

Terre à Terre – Brighton’s Award Winning Vegetarian Restaurant Dining at Terre à Terre is a culinary experience like no other, with intense flavours, sublime textures and a combination of ingredients that few have the imagination or daring to put together, it will change the way you view vegetarian cuisine forever. Restaurants Brighton - August 2016


...Lets just say, I rolled out of of Terre à Terre so, so full. I think we proved the point they said vegetarian food should be about indulgence, rather than abstinence! Each dish is like a little adventure, there is always something new to discover, the flavours keep you on your toes. We had such a lovely evening, the restaurant was packed by the time we left and absolutely buzzing – we even got to do a little celebrity spotting. We spent the evening reminiscing over our first date and everything that has happened since then, so it truly was the perfect evening – great food, great company, great location – For us, Terre à Terre, has it all.Fizzy Peaches - August 2016

Terre á Terre, converting meat-eaters for 21 years
Brighton is a mecca for vegetarian restaurants, and we are spoilt for places that go beyond the usual fodder. Nice enough as a goat’s cheese & caramelised onion tart or risotto are, it’s rather arduous when you find them on every menu in town. Thankfully, Brighton has Terre á Terre in The Lanes and its notoriety is such that it attracts meat-eaters as well as vegetarians. Feeding its customers for over 21 years, it has become one of Brighton’s great institutions. Food Eshe - July 2016

Terre à Terre‘s proprietors believe that a vegetarian lifestyle should be about indulgence. Their menu titles are cheeky and intriguing, featuring dishes such as ‘I dream of arancini’, ‘rosti revisited’, and ‘how’s ya vada’. These pun-packed dishes are tasty and full of flavour. - Culture Trip  - Niall McGrade Sept 2016 

OFM Awards 2017/16/15/14/13/11/10 - Best Restaurant ( runner up - south)
with dishes such as Korean fried cauliflower and steamed rice buns stuffed with Sichuan marinated halloumi, its no surprise that Terre à Terre has been at the forefront of inventive vegetarian cooking since opening 23 years ago. 

OFM Awards 2017/16/15/14/13/11/10 - Best Ethical Restaurant ( runner up - south)
A regular runner-up. this popular restaurant prizes ethical sourcing and waste management.   

The Good For Guide 2014
Fire caused by self-combusting tea towels forced this quirky veggie favourite to close for four months in early 2013, but Terre a Terre's colourful decor and forever-fervent demeanour is back with plenty of chutzpah-along with a smattering of eccentrically titled new dishes, Wild mushrooms and chestnuts abound in 'spruce shroom soufflé', while 'terre-a-tiffin' delights with a medley of zingy Indian treats. Regulars will be relieved to find the legendary 'rosti revisited ‘has returned, as has the amusingly named and lip smacking good pud 'nosey and nutty slack parkin' .Dinners are spoilt for choice by a substantial list of extras and nibbles that includes cauliflower and ginger bhajis and deep-fried Grana Padano green olives. The sublime 'terre a tapas'- enough for two to share- epitomises the global melting pot of a menu. A good selection of wines is available by the glass, carafe or bottle from £17.80. 

British Airways Highlife Magazine (August 2013)
..Best for vegetarians is Terre a Terre . I am a carnivore at heart but Terre a Terre offers interesting, tasty and unexpected vegetarian dishes. 

The Evening Standard - Fuss-free festivals in boutique Brighton (May 2013)
..As for food, rather than eating a dodgy burger, you can sit down at proper restaurants. Even carnivores get excited by the award-winning vegetarian joint Terre a Terre on East Street ( We shared a plate of aubergine zhuganoush with crisp flatbreads, steamed rice buns stuffed with Szechuan marinated halloumi and Chinese kimchi. For the main course we had crispy cauliflower and ginger bhaji with coconut green chilli curry leaf chutney and lemon saffron baked basmati rice.. 

Tatler Restaurant Guide 2013 (May 2013)

Terre a Terre - As one of the UK's longest-standing vegetarian restaurants, this Brighton icon still excites long-standing veggies and meat lovers alike. The tongue-twister-named dishes such as Better Batter and Lemony Yemeni Relish (halloumi 'n' chips to you) and Come Pine with Me (a mushroom- topped rosti) bring fresh flavours to old favourites. You should leave full and inspired- not craving a burger. 

Big Hospitality: Dietary requirements: Terre à Terre’s top tips

In the third part of our Dietary Requirements special feature, Big Hospitality takes a trip to Terre à Terre vegetarian restaurant in Brighton, to find out exactly what it’s like running a venue that is not just continuing to push the boundaries in meat-free cooking, but also aiming to cater for virtually all other dietary more 

 The Latest - Andrew Kay pops on some whites & steps into the brand new kitchen at Brighton’s award winning Terre à Terre ( March 2013)

.. When the lovely Olivia from Terre à Terre called to give me the nod that the restaurant was finally opening again I was delighted, Brighton without T à T is like Morecambe without Wise, or Flanders without Swann. When she suggested that I might like to spend an afternoon in the kitchen I jumped at the chance. I have the T à T cook book, it’s my favourite kind of pornography, but the chance to see the kitchen at work was far more tempting. read more 

Older Reviews 

The Australian Financial Review - Liberate your taste buds!  (Oct 2011)

When a restaurant inspires a lapsed vegetarian to try again, culinary magic must be at work writes Rachel Lebihan at Terre à Terre in Brighton, in East Sussex, on England's South coast, the menu descriptions banish any expectation of bland dishes heavy with pulses and light on palatability...First-time visitors who are overwhelmed by the menu's vast eclectic choice can try Terre à Tapas, consisting of five "tastes" from the menu..."I have always wanted to alter people's perception of vegetarian food and demonstrate that far from meaning missing out, eating flesh-free is about another dimension" A. more 

Waitrose Weekend (26 May 2011)

Best Veggie Restaurants - vegetarians usually get the thin end of the, er, veg when dining out, but in these specialist venues it is possible to have the run of a gourmet menu.

Vegetarian Living (May 2011)

Brighton Rocks ....multi award-winning restaurant Terre a Terre is close to the beach and offers sublime vegetarian culinary experience...Author Polly Samson says ' I'm always astonished by how much I love eating at Terre a Terre. It's always fun to take our most carnivorous friends - the ones who normally look daggers at lentils - and watch them enjoy the food'

Le Figaro, France (May 2011)

Brighton la pétulante - Dans cet entrelacs délicieusement complexe de ruelles aux façades colorées, on ne manquera pas de goûter à la splendide cuisine végétarienne du restaurant Terre à Terre. 

The Independent (Dec 2010)

Who needs turkey? There are plenty of other delicious ways to celebrate Christmas...From spicy seafood to wintry vegetarian feasts. By Alice-Azania Jarvis... Read more 

Terre à Terre A A Gill - Sunday Times ( Oct 2010)

' We were here to eat at Terre à Terre, which has picked up a hand-made reputation for good food cooked by Amanda Powley with Philip Taylor. A matching duo of chefs is rare, but not unexpected in Brighton. The restaurant is also predictably, playfully bright and basic, a cross between a nursery activity room and a social worker’s canteen.......Nothing on the menu is anything you’ve eaten elsewhere. Even if its basics are familiar, it arrives as an original deconstruction with decorative features. We began with corn cakes and mashed avocado and a chilli jelly, a brilliant combination of competing flavours.....This was a brilliant lunch, well worth the trip, and the parkin with oatmeal ice cream was one of the best puddings I’ve had all year. This is most probably the best vegetarian restaurant in Britain, but it’s also better than that ghetto accolade. It is singularly and eccentrically marvellous. Alison said Peter Mandelson would like it, or perhaps she meant someone who looked like Peter Mandelson in suspenders would like it ' ... read more