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Terre à Terre was founded in 1993 by friends Amanda Powley and Philip…



Terre à Terre was founded in 1993 by friends Amanda Powley and Philip Taylor. Both classically trained chefs, they met in Brighton by chance after cooking their way around the world, and soon decided to join forces to upturn the worlds perception of meat-free cooking and see how far they could push the boundaries. 29 years later and they’re still cooking up a storm. They found a tiny site in Pool Valley, which they used as a platform for their innovative ideas, then their growing reputation necessitated a move to bigger premises in the heart of East Street, a stone’s throw from the beach. What began as a tiny BYO with 30 covers, is now one of the most exciting and successful vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the UK and an absolute legend in its hometown. First and foremost, it’s an establishment that serves outstanding food. It also just happens to be meat free.

Terre à Terre has been making ethical and sustainable choices for the 29 years it’s been in business; the owners see no other way of doing things. They were at the vanguard of ethical sourcing of ingredients and the transparency of provenance, which has been integral to their business development. Recycling, food waste management and sustainability have always been critical concerns when decision making. Add to this the appreciation of every single person in the chain; customers, growers, suppliers, staff. All are integral to the existence of the restaurant.

Terre à Terre is all about quality ingredients served with flair, creativity, and playful exuberance. It stimulates the eye as much as the taste buds and we hear it changes many people’s ideas about meat-free cuisine, which keeps driving us forward. We love our drinks and have an award-winning International wine list which frequently showcases locally produced wines, spirits and drinks. We’re so lucky to live in Sussex with its warm, sunny climate and similar soil to that of the Champagne region of France. The county is now one of the main producers of wine in the UK, something we’re delighted to celebrate. All our wines are organic and many are biodynamic. Our experienced bartenders mix a mean cocktail too, with an extensive list for you to choose from... all the classics, usually with a twist plus a few Terre à Terre surprises too.

Our servers are all professional and knowledgeable; their aim is for you to have the best experience with us so feel free to ask them anything, especially about the products we sell inhouse and online, to extend the Terre à Terre experience at home. We serve an extensive daily menu with a Little Terrors menu for your children plus weekly specials and promotions. We also have an incredibly happy ‘Happy Hour’ which is guaranteed to please!


Terre à Terre has been called ‘The Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant’, for nearly 30 years now, but please come and decide for yourselves. We really look forward to welcoming you.