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About us

About Terre à Terre

A Culinary Landmark in Brighton Since 1993

Founded by friends and classically trained chefs Amanda Powley and Philip Taylor, Terre à Terre has been a pioneer in transforming the perception of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Starting from a modest 30-seat venue in Pool Valley and later moving to a larger location on East Street near the beach, our restaurant has grown into one of the UK's most renowned vegetarian and vegan destinations.

At Terre à Terre, we're not just a restaurant; we're a celebration of bold, innovative cooking that delights both the eye and palate. Our journey began when Amanda and Philip decided to challenge conventional meat-free cooking by pushing its boundaries with every dish they created. Today, nearly three decades later, Terre à Terre remains a beloved icon in its hometown of Brighton, renowned for its exceptional and creative dishes.

Ethics and Sustainability at Our Core

For over 29 years, ethical practice and sustainability have been the cornerstones of our operations. We were early adopters of ethical ingredient sourcing and transparency in provenance, practices that are integral to our business ethos. Our commitment extends to meticulous recycling, food waste management, and prioritising sustainability in every decision.

An Award-Winning Culinary Experience

Our menu is a testament to our creativity and dedication to quality. Terre à Terre is famous for its visually stunning and tantalising dishes that often convert sceptics of meat-free cuisine. We take pride in our internationally acclaimed wine list, which includes locally produced options that thrive in Sussex’s conducive climate - similar to the Champagne region of France.

At Terre à Terre, every team member - from our knowledgeable servers to our skilled bartenders - is focused on providing you with an unforgettable dining experience. Feel free to inquire about our products, available both in-house and online, to continue your Terre à Terre experience at home. Our menu features extensive daily offerings, including dishes for children and exciting weekly specials, alongside a 'Happy Hour' that is sure to delight.

Experience Terre à Terre Yourself

Terre à Terre has been celebrated as 'The Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant' in Brighton for nearly three decades. We invite you to visit and experience first-hand the gourmet dining experience that awaits at Terre à Terre. We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant, where outstanding food and vibrant atmosphere come together to create a truly unique dining adventure.