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Beer and Cider (All Vegan)

Dunkerton’s Sparkling Cider, 6.5% (330ml) 5.65 A blend of English cider apples from Herefordshire. Sheeps nose, brown snout and foxwhelp.

Samuel Smiths – Pale Ale, 5% (330ml) 5.70 Fermented in stone Yorkshire squares, with a full bodied rounded maltiness.

Samuel Smiths – Lager, 5% (330ml) 5.70 Matured at low temperature to allow yeasts to secondary ferment for an improved flavour.

Cool Blonde Lager, Hepworth Brewery, Horsham 5% (330ml) 5.65  A long powerful brew with a firm body and head.

Daas Blond-Premium Lager, Belgium, Gluten Free 6.5% (330ml) 5.50 Honey spiced aromas and a balanced bitter sweet flavours with a hoppy finish.

Stout Big Cat Stroud (v) 4.5% (500ml) 5.75
An smooth stout with a complexity of dark malt flavours.

Black Isle Brewery, Golden Eye Pale Ale 5.6% (330ml) 5.50 From the Scottish Highlands, aromatic with exotic fruit and wild meadow flavours.

Riedenburger Wheat Beer 5.2% (500ml) 5.75 Cloudy, dark, and yeasty. Made in a fresher, more citrusy style.

Reidenburger-Low Alcohol Lager 0.5% (330ml) 3.95
Top-fermented, non-alcoholic wheat beer.

St Peter's  Organic "Without Alcohol" Beer (500ml) 3.95

St Peter's Organic Ale 4.5% (500ml) 5.50

Juices, Nectars and Fizz
Oakwood Farm Sussex Pressed Organic Apple Juice 3.95
Oakwood Farm Sussex Pressed Organic Pear Juice 3.95
Organic Cranberry Juice 3.95
Mango Nectar 3.85
Fresh Orange Juice 3.85
Luscombe Organic Raspberry Lemonade 3.95
Luscombe Organic Lime Crush 3.95
Sparkling Elderflower 3.95
Whole Earth Sparkling Organic Lemonade 3.95
Luscombe Organic Sicilian Lemonade 3.95
Fentimans Botanically Brewed Traditional Ginger Beer 3.95
Coca Cola / Diet Coca Cola (200ml) 2.65 Hildon Mineral Water gl 1.95 btl 4.75