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Snap, Crackle and Choc  v / ngc / £9.75

Deep rich 70% cacao mousse made with hazelnut cream on toasty praline and chocolate shortbread served with clementine sorbet and finished with tiny pink pepperberry aqua faba meringues, chocolate crack shards and dusty Satongo twigs.

Churrosimo  v / £9.75

Cinnamon sugar spice dusted doughnut straws served with Vodka cherries, salt caramel sticky dunker, warm dark chocolate dipper and finished with raspberry freeze dried crumble and extra brute cocoa powder.

Rum Tum Tart Tatin v £9.75

Pineapple spiced Rum coconut blossom upside down tart, served with tamarind and coconut date yoghurt, deliciously decacadent, ceramy coconut tangy.

Runcible Figgy Pudding v £9.75

Christmas pudding, rich in sticky fruit and booze laden.  Served with, vanilla baked quince, Brandy nog mace custard and damson ripple ice cream.

House Ice Cream  ng / vc / £8.75

Our house-made ice creams garnished with a matching sweet something, so please do ask.

Chocoholic (ONLY SERVED IN MULTIPLES OF TWO) vc, ngc £12.40 per person

Chocolate hazelnut truffle cake & praline served with a whipped dark chocolate mousse and clementine sorbet. Mini cinnamon sugar coated churros
with a chocolate salt caramel dipping pot and wild berries. Crème de Cacao Brandy Alexander milkshakes, Rum truffles and razza jazza truffles... all finished with raspberry sugar dust, baby sorrel and minty shiso shoots. VC, NGC 12.40 PER PERSON
This dish is not suitable for guests with nut allergies


A sweet plate of our seasonal handmade sweet treats and little biccies! Ask your server for today’s selection. Try with a shot and a short!



Salt Caramel Truffles  ng / £1.95 each or £5.75 for 4
Lusciously, liquidy, sea salt caramel centres poured into rich chocolate truffle cases rolled in cocoa.

Full On Fruit Raspberry Chocolate Truffles  v / ng / £1.95 each or £5.75 for 4
A mouth-wateringly deliciously tangy raspberry center, encased in rich chocolate truffle cases rolled in cocoa.



Espresso Martini  v / ng / £9.75
Espresso shot shaken with coffee liqueur, vodka and a dash of sugar. Perfect!

Salted Caramel Appletini  v / ng / £9.75
Oakwood organic Sussex apple juice shaken with Calvados and salted caramel.

Chocolate Orange Martini  v / ng / £9.75
Organic vodka shaken with Crème de Cacao, Cointreau and dark chocolate.



Organic Fine Loose Tea  Small £3.95 / Large £5.10
Our selection of our single-estate teas and infusions to suit every taste.

Assam  (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) Indian Black Tea from Assam
Ceylon  Pekoe Black Tea from Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka
Darjeeling  (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe) Indian Black Tea from Darjeeling
Earl Grey  Flowery Pekoe Black Tea from Uva in Sri Lanka
Lapsang Souchong  Black Tea from Fujian in China
Wuyi Rock Oolong  Wild Traditional Oolong Tea from Fujian in China
Jasmine Gold Dragon  Steamed Green Tea infused with midnight picked Jasmine from Jiangxi in China
Peacock  Green Tea from Jiangxi in China
Bancha  Green Tea from Shizuoka in Japan

Herb Teas (Not Loose)  Small £3.95 / Large £4.40
Rooibos, Chamomile, Peppermint, Lemon & Ginger, Wild Berry, Fresh Lemon, Mint or Ginger.



Our coffee is organic and fairly traded L’ Artigiano Fiori supplied by local roasters Black Rock Coffee.

Long Black  £3.15
Flat White  £3.55
Cafe Latte  £3.95
Cappucino  £3.95
Mocha  £4.15
Montezuma Hot Choc  £4.30
Espresso  £3.15
Macchiato  £3.30 (extra shot 50p)
Organic Yannoh  £3.15

Plant based milks: Soya or Oat milk.


Irish - Whisky  £8.95

French - Cafe du Cognac  £8.95

Mexican - Cafe Liqueur  £8.95


v - vegan / vc - vegan choice / ng - no gluten / ngc - no gluten choice

Please inform us of any allergies / dietary requirements before ordering. Every effort is made to accommodate guests with food intolerances and allergies. With an open kitchen we are unable to guarantee that dishes other than (v/vc) will be completely allergen-free. For a nut allergy, we require 72 hrs prior notice.