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Childrens Menu

Too Little!  - We also provide free organic “Hipp” baby food, just ask for sweet or savoury Baby changing on top floor!

Little Crudités (v) 3.75
celery, cucumber, carrots, cherry tomatoes, olives, bread served with guacamole

Sticky Hoisin Sesame Tofu (v) 2.00

Lavash Crackers and Dukka 2.75 (v)  (Herby, nutty, salty and spicy) with a guacamole dunk.

Little Mains
Soup and Bread of the day 2.75  (vc) Ask your waiter for today’s soup.

Teeny Weeny Spaghettini 3.85 (vc)
Butter /Tomato Sauce/Pesto Sauce.

Poached Egg on buttered toast 3.50

Eggy Bread 2.75

Potato Rosti (vc/ng) 4.00 creamed spinach or tomato sauce with or without melted cheese

Steamed veggies 2.50 (vc) with or without butter

Better Batter and Chips 4.00

Thick Cut Chips (vc/ngc) 2.50 Thick cut chips served with ketchup

Smokey Scrunch Chips (v/ngc) 2.75
Thick cut chips seasoned with our bang bang spice dust served with guacamole.

Little Puddings
Fruity Plate (v) 2.95

Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce and Shortbread 2.95

Chocolate Brownie (vc) 3.50
Chocolate almond truffle cake with vanilla ice cream with mixed berries.

Double dip Doughnut Straws with Chocolate Sauce (v) 3.50

Little Drinks
Baby Hot Choc (espresso size) 1.50
Baby Chino (espresso size) 1.50
Milk 1.50
Organic Oakwood Apple Juice 2.00
Organic Oakwood Pear Juice 2.00
Kids Smoothie 2.00

Little Terrors! ’ Wikky Stix ‘available on request. For Health and Safety reasons we request that all parents keep their children with them at their table and respect other diners.

Keys: V - vegan VC - vegan choice NG - no ingredients containing gluten used NGC - NG Choice
Please inform us of any allergies/ dietary requirements before ordering. Every effort is made to accommodate guests with food intolerances and allergies. With an open kitchen we are unable to guarantee that dishes other than (v/vc) will be completely allergen-free.