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Wasabi Coated Cashew Nuts v / ng £5.50

Nocellara Olives v / ng £5.50

Salt & Pepper Szechuan Lotus Root Crisps v / ng £5.50

Dig into all the above for 12.00 or 5.50 individually.


Fresh and Fabulous Herb Focaccia V

Our focaccia is lovingly handmade every day, simply served with extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar. 7.95

Aubergine Zhuganoosh & Lavash Spice Fry Crisp Bread V/NGC
Charred aubergine, tahini, and coriander Zhuganoosh dunk, scattered with pomegranate beads and molasses, Aleppo and Ras El Hanout pepper and Sumac salt served with Lavash spice fried crisp bread. 8.90



Chilly Bristols NG 


Deep fried fat green olives, stuffed with lemon and ricotta and rolled in rosemary Twineham Grange crumbs. Served with a fino and Bristol Cream granita 10.00


Karekatsu Smoked Tofu V/NGC
Deep fried and basted with teriyaki, topped with sweet potato katsu, crispy seaweed, pickled cucumber, crispy onions and pangrattato. Served with a sesame ginger dressed salad of carrot and khol rabi, tangy edamame, wasabi cashew yuzu pesto. 10.50

Congee Shiso Yuzu and Tempura Shitake V / NG
Risotto of kombu dashi and miso amazake, finished with blavk rice, served with tempura shitake Chinese chive, topped with beansprouts and shiso leaves in a yuzu dressing. 11.90


Arepas Mojo V/NGC
Crispy corn and polenta cakes, rolled in chemoula, with chilli and tamarillo salsa; zingy lime and oregano mojo, finished with coriander chilli spiked avocado and chilli chelli 11.20


Burrata Crack and hot fat Focaccia Croutons NGC
Beautiful burrata, fresh and creamy, seasoned and doused with Frantoi Cutrera extra virgin olive oil, and kalamata salt, served with salt baked beetroot and walnut tarator, walnut crack and endive; finished witrh rocket and smoked tomato with citrus oil 12.95


Terre à Tapas (To Share) vc / ngc  £23.50 per person

Only served in multiples of two / Not suitable for guests with nut allergies.

A selection of dishes from around the menu to share:

Oishii Kinoko 
(v / ngc) Served with sesame and sticky tamari and black vinegar molasses, a smooth tangy miso ume plum hummus, pickled lotus root, soused daikon radish and kicking kimchi. Arepas Mojo (v/ng) Crispy corn and polenta cakes, rolled in chemoula, with chilli and tamarillo salsa; zingy lime and oregano mojo, finished with coriander chilli spiked avocado and chilli chelli . Better Batter Soft buttermilk soaked halloumi dipped in chip shop batter, served with vodka spiked preserved plum tomatoes, sea salad tartar and finished with lemony Yemeni relish. Karekatsu Smoked Tofu (v / ngc) Deep fried and basted with teriyaki, topped with sweet potato katsu, crispy seaweed, smashed cucumber, crispy onions and rice puffs. A Salad Of Sesame Ginger Dressed Carrot & Khol Rabi Threads (v / ng) Served with a smooth, tangy edamame, wasabi cashew yuzu pesto. Finished with puffed rice wakame cracker shards, dusted with a hibiscus, amchur and nori salt. Charred Aubergine Zhuganoush (v / ngc) like babaghanoosh only better served with deep fried lavash tanoor bread crisps sprinkled with spice dust.



Fancy Nancy vc/ngc 19.65
Coconut cardamon fried rice with spring onion, topped with egg fu yung, crispy shallots, chillies and a salad of coriander, mint, lychee, pickled lotus root and yuzu beansprouts. Served with laksa oil oyster mushroom kebab, Penang acar pickle, pinda laksa and crispy lotus root. Vegan choice - Egg replaced with chilli pickled tofu 

Sneaky Peeking Steamers  vc  19.95
Scrumptious steamed buns stuffed to the gunnels with Szechuan spring onion and ginger braised halloumi, glazed with black and white toasted sesame and white miso. Accompanied by kimchi Chinese cabbage, Lapsang Souchong pickled watermelon, miso chilli sauce. Vegan Choice- As above with Szechuan mapo tofu.

Better Batter  19.95
Soft buttermilk soaked halloumi, dipped in chip shop batter, served with vodka-spiked preserve plum tomatoes, bright fresh pea mint hash with pickled quails egg, sea salad tartar and chubby chips, finished with lemony Yemeni relish.

Rosti Revisited  ng / vc  19.95
Crispy fried potato, onion and garlic rosti, topped with sautéed buttered spinach, finished with cream, garlic, parsley and nutmeg, topped with a soft poached egg and toasted mustard rarebit topping.
Vegan choice - All cream and butter elements replaced with coconut, nut or plant based butters and cheese replaced with marinated smoked tofu.



Magical Mushrooms v / ng
GWarm shimeji mushrooms, seared and seasoned with toasty garlic shards, served with Jerusalem artichoke purée, mushroom truffle jus and finished with artichoke sage crisps and sage oil 7.50

A salad of Sesame Ginger Dressed Carrot & Kholrabi Threads v / ng
Grilled courgettes, served with lemon and almond ajo blanco, smoked mint oil, deep fried capers, toasted onion and fennel seed salt 8.50

Pea and mint hash vc / ng 5.50
Pea and mint hash with creamed pea purée, lemon, parsley and peppered pea tendrils

Sautéed Spinach vc / ng 5.50
Buttered sautéed spinach with cream, garlic, nutmeg and a parsley sauce, topped with rarebit.

Chips V/NGC
Sizzly salty chips served with either vegan aoili or organic ketchup. 6.95
*We have mayo and ketchup too… If you fancy, do just ask.


v - vegan / vc - vegan choice / ng - no gluten / ngc - no gluten choice


Please inform us of any allergies / dietary requirements before ordering. Every effort is made to accommodate guests with food intolerances and allergies.

With an open kitchen we are unable to guarantee that dishes other than (v/vc) will be completely allergen-free. Nuts are widely used in our kitchen.


FOOD ALLERGY ALERT Management advises that food prepared here and drinks may contain some of these ingredients: Wheat and Gluten, Nuts, Peanuts, Mustard, Soya, Sesame, Lupin, Celery, Garlic, Onion, Eggs, Milk, Alcohol, Sulphites, Sulphur Dioxide.