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Blackcurrant Grillini 12.50
Sparkling il Grillo di Santa Tresa Spumante Brut from Sicily, blended with organic Cotswold Cassis.

Raspberry & Elderflower Fizz 12.50
Fresh raspberry purée, elderflower cordial and organic gin topped up with organic prosecco.

Nearly Negroni 12.25
Organic Juniper Green Gin mixed with Organic Rosso vermouth, Organic Amaro, a dash of bitters and an orange twist and Bay Leaf.

Amaretto Sour 12.25
Organic Amaretto Liqueur Shaken with fresh Lemon juice, sugar and bitters & Mrs. Betters vegan foamer. Poured over ice and served with house infused vodka cherries.

Mandarin & Hibiscus Cosmopolitan (Vodka) 12.25
Utkins Organic Vodka Infused with Hibiscus Flowers shaken with Organic Arancello Blood Orange Liqueur, Lime Juice and Mandarin purée; finished with lime and hibiscus flower dust.

Elderflower Collins 12.25
Organic Juniper Green gin shaken with organic elderflower liqueur, fresh lemon juice & topped with Fever-Tree Mexican lime and yuzu soda water. A perfect summer-time thirst quencher


NON-ALCOHOLIC COCKTAILS                                                                                                   

The Mighty Booch £7.90
Lemon and ginger  tea herbal infusion and Agave syrup, poured over Ice and topped with Dry Dragon Kombucha.

Seedlip Garden & Fentimans Tonic  £8.90
The fresh & floral essence of the English countryside, notes of fresh peas and hay, with a complex herbal base of spearmint, rosemary and thyme.

Jasmine Iced Tea  £7.90
Chilled lemon and agave stirred and topped with elderflower tonic..

Shaken Not Slurred 8.90
Seedlip spice 94, cranberry juice, and lime, shaken to make one Sour that’s not to be missed.



Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin 25ml Single £5.00 / 50ml Double £8.00
37.5%. Aromatic, zestful and organic. Wild juniper, coriander, angelica root and summer savoury.

Trophy Juniper Green Organic and Wild Gin 25ml Single £6.50 / 50ml Double £9.50
43%. A London Dry Gin which won the IWSC Trophy for 2015, beating 90 of the world’s best Dry Gins. Softly smooth with big bold flavours, wild juicy juniper followed by woody spice and clean citrus notes with a lingering finish.

The Brighton Gin 25ml Single £6.90 / 50ml Double £9.90
40%. Hand crafted in Brighton, Pavilion strength. Clear and bright in the glass, with subtle notes of juniper and hints of orange. Other botanicals include angelica, lime and milk thistle (well-known for cleansing the liver – helping you to detox as you tox) served with a slice of orange to bring the fresh orange peel botanical to the fore.

Utkins Single Estate Organic Vodka  25ml Single £5.50 / 50ml Double £7.50
37.5%. Produced in small stills in London (Tom Thumb and Thumbelina) from pure water and organic grain. Clean, smooth and rounded with an attractive grassy character.

The Oxford Artisan Distillery, Rye Organic Vodka 25ml Single £6.50 /50ml Double £9.50
This double award-winning Vodka is a smooth 100% organic rye Vodka with subtle hints of spice and warm caramel, unfiltered and double distilled, a craft sipping vodka of unparalleled smoothness.


Fever-Tree Tonic Water 200ml 2.60

Choose from Original, Mediterranean, Refreshingly Light or Elderflower




The Brighton Martini £13
Made with Brighton Gin, Unusual, playful & fiercely independent. This Seaside Gin is clear and bright in the glass, the subtle notes of juniper and persistent hints of orange make this gin gentle and approachable.

The London Martini £13
With Juniper Green Trophy, London Dry Gin.

The Organic Oxford Vodka Martini £13
Made with the smooth Oxford Rye Organic Vodka.



Organic Papagayo White Rum  25ml Single £5.50 / 50ml Double £9.50
This white rum has a light, smooth flavour, and it’s a beautifully mellow rum.

Organic Papagayo Reserve Dark Rum  25ml Single £7.00 / 50ml Double £11.00
The high quality of the organic molasses together with careful oak ageing in the unique climate of Paraguay combine to produce this super smooth rum. Notes of honey, apricots and pears with hints of Seville orange and delightful warmth.

Highland Harvest Blended Malt Whisky  25ml Single £7.00 / 50ml Double £11.00
The blend is made up of 7 different casks married together to achieve a unique malt. Subtle aromas of malt and grass with some citrus notes. Smooth and flavourful.

Benromach Speyside Single Malt Scotch  25ml Single £7.00 / 50ml Double £11.00
Have a dram of Benromach – not too wee and not too big. Delicate peat smoke and lingering sweet sherry... a gorgeous classic Benromach Speyside style of single malt whisky.

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 25ml Single £7.00 / 50ml Double £11.00
Intense caramel and toffee flavours with a distinctive spiced oakiness.

Organic Papagayo Reserve Dark Rum 25ml Single £7.00 / 50ml Double £11.00
The high quality of the organic molasses together with careful oak ageing in the unique climate of Paraguay combine to produce this super smooth rum. Notes of honey, apricots and pears with hints of Seville orange and delightful warmth.

Cazcabel Repsado Tequila 25ml Single £6.00 / 50ml Double £10.00
100% Blue Agave, rested in American Oak Barrels for at least 9 months; beautiful clan earthy agave notes.